Monsters? Perish the thought. Logical magic rocks!


Under this image is the first three paragraphs on a novel in the process of being edited by me right now. The name of the book is The Shade Riders and Nocturnal Ned. The  woman character in the scene above is Leandra Contrast who is from New Zealand and now living in the U.S.A. She is Nova's mentor and has a special blood within herself that gives her magical powers and abilities. She also moonlights as a private investigator.

Note: Magick refers to anything like ESP, telekinesis, telepathy, or the ilk below in the story.

Cover art

Artwork from The Shade Riders and Nocturnal Ned

Library - Ralf in window.

distraught Nova

Nova and Takeesha in the Library as a mysterious force takes hold of Nova's hand and won't let go.

Nova's arm is grabbed by what they think is a ghost
Two cowboy ghosts mimicking Nova and Nova's bully, Brenda, fight, Then they disappear.

Bullies fight Nova

Two ghosts fight

An Autogyro that Benny in his wheelchair uses to rescue Nova from the bullies fight. Missiles are made out of disintegrating materials that crumble on impact. They are also full of different colors of powered paint.

autogyro two views

Autogyro chase
 Nova riding her bike through a rainbow

Nova is riding her bike through a rainbow. Instead of wet she is dry? A mystery for dear reader.

Nova is unconsious on bear rug in tent. Leandra is waiting for her to awaken. Neanderthal men look on.

Nova is unconscious in a tent. Leandra waits for her to awaken and the Neanderthals look on.

 Below  Nova watches two Neanderthals, Ralf and Ahlon, through a water basin, get into a fight in the Legislative chambers using logical magic or science in a cloud forest cave.

Ahlon and Ralf fighting.


aurora borealis above the school
Aurora Borealis above the school.

Science gadgets
Science gadgets

Nocturnal Ned trying to speak to the dead but his pen is out of control.

Nocturnal Ned is above and he is doing spiritual writing but is pen is out of control. Nova and her mother look on.

Nocturnal Ned goes Bxerk! 

Nocturnal Ned goes Bxerk. He flings a bike stand through the plate glass window, destroys a peditaxi, and flips a car before Shade  lands on him. The filly takes a huge whiff of the hulk before lifting off and Leandra jumps him with handcuffs.  Takeesha is in with the white faced gang members in the background.

Nova chased by ghosts.

Nova is chased by ghosts. Can she get away?

Vinager, baking soda, and bubble gun.

Weapon to use on fireballs.

In the woods Nocturnal Ned in hulk form tries to protect his Harly from fire balls as he throws them at Leandra, Max Kim and Benny and Nova.
Fireball fight against Nocturnal Ned, Leandra, Nova, Max Kim and Benny.
Ned is in hulk form as he tries to protect his bike. Three magical  paths are over on the right.

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