bxerk text

This is what I have so far for the movie trailer.

Nova opens the gym class door

a bird means death inside the school

Kids and coach rush out

bird morphs into an ogre.

Keeps changing

Gets bigger.

grabs a bat.

The ogre is bashing computers

Scott answers the door. Hello?

The police badge looks fake.

Four spells trouble

Benny getting stomped.

Takeesha flips out of the way.

Max Kim get mushed.

Nova ducks out of the way.

Knock Knock Please let me in.

Who are you? Are you ok?

i need help.

They lift her up

She's not too heavy

Nova sitting on couch with Leandra and talking with her

A portal opens in the Living Room.

Friend or foe?

A Neanderthal talks to Leandra

Max Kim get us out of here!

The ball descends

The ball hits the floor. Pssssssst.

Benny and Max Kim are engulfed with smoke

Poof! They are gone!

Nova and Takeesha in hall

Takeesha does magic

you do magic?

doing magick

Benny making remark

Leandra shooting a con-artist

Leandra gets behind a tree

Con-artist near car goes bxerk

We can see Leandra behind the tree. She is shot.

Leandra is in agony

Leandra drops her gun

gun in the grass

Con-artists go for the kill

Leandra makes a run for it.

Guys, care for a hot dog?

Home sweet home.
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