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Monsters? Perish the thought. Logical magic rocks!

Blue Belle the Austrailian sheperd

Blue Belle the Austrailan Shepard


Q. Bxerk, please tell us about yourself and how you started to write.

A.I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and had many different kinds of animals. My parents both had a medical background and taught us kids how to do first aid. I grew up around a large family. I am married and have a son who is 6 and a half.

I began writing very imaginative stories when I was in third grade. I dreamed of being a cartoonist.

Q. You have a book that is a work in progress? What propted you to write this work?

A.  Yes I have a novel in the works. It is called:
The Shade Riders and Nocturnal Ned. The book idea was evolution in the making. It really took off on it's own.

Q.  Tell us about the main characters.

A.  Nova Star Nusome and her three friends figure out what makes a monster and defeat it.

Q.  Tell us about the plot and setting.

A.  The setting is in the future and people are embracing paranormal ideas. Science and technology are diminishing. 

Q. Did you have any challenges?

A. Yes, I need a real office without all the distractions. Soon I will have the problem solved. Also when my son comes home from school I have to take care of his needs.

Q. How much research went into this book?

A. I interviewed experts and read books and did a lot of exploring on the internet, making sure the sites were scientifically correct.

Q. Who are your influences to keep plugging away?

A. I have family and friends who support me as a writer. I enjoy writing so much though.

Q. What is your process?

A.  I just write whatever comes to mind and let the story unfold. I don't outline.

Q. Any words of advise to aspiring writers?

A.  Believe in yourself and your story and write it.


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