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Ghost stories

March 8, 2010
One time I went into a drug store and the employee there noticed the lights flicking off and on and she blamed it on a ghost. But more like it the bulb neeeded to be replaced or there was a faulty wire.

December 31, 2009

Another friend of mine went home after school one day and his parents were both at work. At that time most people left their doors unlocked. My friend thought he heard footsteps upstairs in the house. He became paralyzed with fear. Could it be a bum from off the streets?
Later when he got up the nerve to go up the stairs he heard the footsteps and the stairs beneath his feet creaked. Suddenly the footsteps stopped. His first thought was that the guy upstairs was going to get him. So again he was petrified about half way up the staircase.
He waited. The walking continued. He got up the courage again to go further  and finally reach the top. He walked passed his parent's bedroom and the footsteps followed him down the hallway. He didn't want to turn around in fear of what he might find there behind his back. He turned slowly around and to his relief no one was there.
Yet the footsteps continued in his parent's room. He peeked inside using the doorway to hide behind and there was no one in the room. The Venetian blinds were banging on the window sill because the window was open and had a warm breeze blowing through it.

December 5, 2009

I do want to say I'm open minded about the possibility of the paranormal but I'm skeptical . My friend believes her house is haunted. She hears footsteps on the stairs and her television turns on at night. Things such as lamps have been known to move across the tabletops. Her house also seems to shake but she has a train that runs close by.  I told her it might just be the train doing everything. I also explained that maybe her teenager son is coming up from his bedroom in the basement and turning on the TV at night but she disputes this.

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