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Monsters? Perish the thought. Logical magic rocks!

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Map of Ordin

Why I chose the Neanderthal people.

I did a lot of research on the Neanderthals for my novel. About every month or so more new information came out, it seemed, or maybe I was just hungry for it. I found a big argument in the scientific circles that had two groups bickering about whether or not the Cro-Magnon man (us) are related by blood to the Neanderthals. You see, the Neanderthals died out about 30,000 years ago and we don't know if they were killed off by the Cro-Magnon people or if they were just integrated into the Cro-Magnon society. Scientist don't know for sure. It's been said that some Neanderthals walk the streets of New York City today.

I found out the Neanderthals seemed to not believe in the after-life or believe in gods. They buried their dead but did not put any possessions into the graves. They also did not make adornments like necklaces, bracelets, rings, feathers, furniture, rugs, cloth or pottery. They didn't even paint pictures on their cave walls. So what did they do? That is the question.

Did they talk much? I read some scientists thought they might have talked using sign language because that is a easy way to make words for infants. Some scientists thought they could only talk as they were singing a tune. Even people with memory problems always seem to remember a group of lyrics. But no really knows for sure. Of course the Neanderthal had the brain capacity for speech and seems to have had vocal cords. So scientist believed they could talk. In my novel, I decided to use some sign language in the Neanderthal communications. Both in the logical magic spells and in using pronouns.

Thanks to DNA scientists have established there is a gene that can produce red hair and a strange freckle much different from our own. Also scientists have the technology and ability to take a Neanderthal skull and reproduce the original owner's face, which I think is such a neat idea.

I also read some scientists believed the male Neanderthals kept away and separated from the females in the clans and scientists can only guess why they did that. Scientists also know they were very strong physically and could take a beating from a wild animal and survive. They could also endure extreme cold temperatures. They created complex home structures from mammoth bones and hides when caves were not available.

Weapons of the Neanderthal were the spear, club, hand axe, knifes and rocks. They used the rocks to chase off other predators from a just killed animal. They lived the hunter-gatherer life-style and did not farm or domesticate any animals after all those years they lived here on Earth before the Cro-Magnon people arrived. They also could control fire to cook on or keep warm. The Neanderthal basically stayed the same throughout their lifetime, that is why I named where they live in the cloud forest in my novel: Ordin. Ordin is short for ordinary.

Neanderthals cared for their elderly and probably used various plants for medicine to treat the sick. They were nomads and followed the game wherever the herds roamed. Also I want to point out that women were treated like equals because they were the ones that gathered food. Many times men came back from the hunt empty handed but women always came back with some plant, root, berry or nut to eat. A lot of times women were as good as the men when it came to hunting or fishing. That is why I decided to make my Neanderthals of Ordin a matriarchal society.


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