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The Date
By Bxerk

Culleen squirmed impatiently in her brown and green leaves as she sat on an oak tree mushroom waiting for her blind date, Gwain, the sprite.  She knew a brownie should be patient and give Gwain a chance.  After all, her best pixie friend, Sabra, said he was a great guy.
Culleen gently pressed her wingless back up against the trunk’s bark, tapped her teeth, and looked about the wooded area.  If only Sabra described what Gwain looked like?  She listened to the last of the crickets in among the dead leaves and the crows cawing above in the treetops.  She watched the red and orange leaves fall to the cold ground and time seemed to drag even more.  She tossed sunflower seeds on the Earth to the black caped chickadees and blue jays and watched them peck earnestly.
    “Why did I decide to do this?  I should be guarding the baby rabbits from hungry squirrels.  Who knows if Sabra remembers to do it or is vigilant?”   The sun felt hot but the wind was cold.  They should be warm enough in their furry nest.  Culleen thought.  She shoved her long auburn hair out of her green eyes.        
    “This guy, Gwain, probably won’t like me. They never do. I always manage to turn guys off.”
    Suddenly an orange blur ran passed, skidding in the pine needles and tan colored leaves.  Most of the birds took off into the blue sky.  A ginger tabby held a blue jay between its paws.  The cat ruffled up the bird’s feathers to get a great long whiff.  It then nudged it with his nose to get the bird to move. The bird was too tightly gripped to get away.
    Culleen hesitated, taking a deep breath.  Her heart was in her throat.  The brownie turned invisible and hopped off the mushroom.  As she tip-toed closer to the red menace a leaf went crunch.
    Oh no, any minute that cat will slink away with that bird and that will be the end! Culleen thought.
    “Hi,ho, anyone here? Culleen?”
    Gwain arrived, his green wavy massive head of hair blew in the breeze and his big belly jiggled as the humming bird he rode strived to keep him up.  He was going over hills and into valleys of air as he flew.  He obviously didn’t notice the cat as he jumped off his humming bird steed and sat to wait on the same mushroom Culleen had sat upon previously.
    Culleen realized she had been gritting her teeth hoping the cat would not run away with the bird.  Gwain started to whistle a tune as he waited for his date.  The cat slowly turned its head in the direction of Gwain spitting out feathers as it did so.  Then it picked up the bird and trotted through the trees.
Culleen made herself visible and turned toward Gwain.  “Now, look what you did,” Culleen screamed pointing at the cat’s exit.  Gwain jumped and spied Culleen for the first time.  His eyes became wide.  He regained his composer and said,”Why didn’t you say so.”  He brandished his needle sword into the air and called for his steed.  The humming bird arrived and Gwain took his seat on his back commanding the bird to follow that cat.  The sprite was away in a blur of color and Culleen was left to wonder if he would indeed save the blue jay.
     Suddenly, Culleen heard a cat yowl, and branches break, and leaves scatter and crunch.  She heard the fairy war cry as Gwain chased the cat toward Culleen.  She turned invisible and grabbed a branch on the ground in front of her.  The branch also turned invisible and she held it out.  The cat ran into the branch and bowled over head over heels.  It let the blue jay go and stared at the bird with big eyes then took off into the underbrush.
    Culleen turned visible and approached the blue jay.  The bird just lay still on the ground.
“Good he’s still breathing,” Culleen said.  She found he was torn up but she could mend the cuts around the bird’s neck easily.  Gwain and Culleen used herbs to cleanse the wounds and a bit of magic to heal the cuts.  The blue jay stayed in a tree above all night singing for the two fairies.  Gwain found a slightly fermented watermelon which they drank the juice in acorn tops.  Culleen found some pumpkin seeds to munch on, and they chattered on and listening to blue jay music, and watched the sunset disappear beneath the horizon.

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